West Country Update – December 2016

by | Published on December 22, 2016 | Last updated on October 20, 2018 | Updates

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It’s starting to look like winter in the West Country. We went out earlier this week to check the conditions, get a few pictures and enjoy a day out of the office… We need things to get a little more wintry before we can run all of our tours but in the meantime there’s still lots of great scenery and options for adventures throughout the Christmas break.

We recommend these tours for the next couple weeks:

Ice Bubbles

The lake is just starting to freeze and areas like Cline Landing and Preacher’s Point were snow covered this week. It’s still a little early for ice bubbles so for our Icefalls + Ice Bubbles Tour and Crescent Falls + Ice Bubbles we’ll be spending some time along the shore were the ice is forming and creating some nice features. For the snowshoe tour we’ll be adding a bonus stop at Crescent Falls.

Crescent Falls

The falls are frozen and looking great. Don’t take our word for it, here’s a few shots from Monday.

Thompson Creek

There’s more snow on the ground once you pass Whirlpool Point and while we’re hoping for more snow in the coming days there’s already enough coverage to have some fun.

Siffleur Falls

The Kootenay Plains are dry and with the frozen waterfall and snow covered peaks now is a great time for this hike.

Coral Creek

Snow is starting to build up on the trail and we just need one more storm cycle before the trail is ready for the Coral Creek Canyon Snowshoe Tour.

Fish Lake and Allstones Creek

Fish Lake is frozen and almost ready for tours. We need a few more cold days and a little snow before Allstones Creek is ready. The Big Skies & Canyons Snowshoe Tour should be ready for early January.