Radical Reels Tour 2014

by | Published on September 11, 2014 | Last updated on October 27, 2018 | Stories, Updates

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Radical Reels is coming to Red Deer! September 30 at the Red Deer College Arts Centre. Tickets are only $21, GST included!

The Radical Reels Tour feature short, action-packed films featuring some amazing climbing, paddling, mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding. A presentation of the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival, the wildly popular event brings the excitement of the festival to Red Deer.

In addition to a great evening of high-adrenaline films, the event is a fundraiser for the Waskasoo Environmental Education Society (the group operating the Kerry Wood Nature Centre, the Historic Fort Normandeau and many more great programs). Don’t wait, pickup your tickets now and come see some of the best action films that were presented at the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival.

Tickets are available at our Adventure Centre (4738 Ross Street) or at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre.

Still not sure? Check out the trailer for some of our favourite films being presented this year.

This is an all age events but keep in mind that the movies shown highlight adrenaline filled situation. Coarse language and nudity happens and parental guidance is recommended.