Kicking off the season with an easy hike to Siffleur Falls

by | Published on June 25, 2014 | Last updated on October 27, 2018 | Stories, Trip Reports

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This past Saturday was the first hike in the Women in the Woods series. What better way to start the season than a hike to Siffleur Falls in the Kootenay Plains.

Siffleur Falls can be a busy place but on this first day of summer it was fairly quiet. The signs of a late spring where everywhere and the river was flowing fast and full with the snow melting up above.

Hiking is all about enjoying the journey. An easy trail like this makes it easier to notice things along the way, like the many flowers starting to bloom. A few of the flowers we came across: prickly juniper, silverberry, red paintbrush and sweetvetch.

We found a beautiful place for our lunch, sitting along the river just above the falls taking in the view, and enjoying the sounds of the rushing river.
From there we decided to venture further up the trail toward the second set of falls. The trail narrows and for a little while we were walking right along the edge of the river. It was such a refreshing path to be on.
Great conversations were had as we walked through the forest, admiring the mountains in the distance and the beauty of the river nearby. Thanks to a great group for making this a memorable day.

Our next hike with Women in the Woods is on July 19. We’ll be going on another walk in the West Country as we hike along the Coral Creek canyon.

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