Tour Highlights: Coral Creek Canyon Hike on May 6, 2017

by | Published on May 7, 2017 | Last updated on October 20, 2018 | Trip Reports

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This trail is one of the best place in David Thompson Country to start the hiking season. The snow is gone from the valley, yet ice features are still visible in the canyons along the way. Flowers are starting to pop up along the trail and we even came across bighorn sheep grazing in the sun above the Coral Creek canyon, near our lunch spot.

We lucked out this Saturday with our first warm and dry day in a while. The first 100 metres of the trail didn’t look promising with water running down the middle of the trail but fortunately the rest of the way was dry. The views at this time of the year are great along the Cline River Canyon with the ice formations popular with ice climbers only slowly melting away.

The Cline River was high and running fast with the mountain run off. It is always neat to see how the river changes throughout the season.
It was a beautiful day overlooking the Coral Creek Canyon with the snow covered mountains off in the distance. We even got to watch bighorn sheep graze while we sat and ate our lunch.
As we made our way along the trail the sun came out and we found our first crocus of the spring.
After our break, we headed into the trees for our return to the bus. On our way we found squirrel middens, goat tracks and butterflies. This part of the trail was dry and trees were a great cover for the wind that picked up as we finished lunch. After crossing the creek and walking the wet trail section one more time we returned to the bus.

It was a wonderful start to the hiking season as we were able enjoy this beautiful day and enjoy some great conversation.