Outdoor Family Adventures: Summer 2014

by | Published on July 18, 2014 | Last updated on October 18, 2018 | Trip Reports

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On your last adventure, how much fun did you have looking at the bugs you walked past? Or did you notice the that a tree looks likes a triangle and a bridge looks like a rainbow? These are all observations that kids make if you let them enjoy the journey.

We take our kids on hikes and go for adventures throughout the city. We have fun exploring the world around us and want to share this love of the outdoors with you.

On two recent adventures in Red Deer we took to Mackenzie Trails and Rotary Parks with four children betweent the ages of 2 and 5. All of the kids had fun and were even running ahead on most sections of the trail. Yes, they got tired and hungry. But you know what, the beauty of these adventures, is that we are in no rush. When they got hungry we stopped and had a snack, drank our juices/waters and got the kids focused on a new part of the adventure.
We played games that would have the kids looking for things and searching in the bushes for different things that can be found in nature. In essence we went on a nature scavenger hunt. The kids loved holding on to the scavenger hunt sheet and marking off what they saw. We almost got everything! The goal of the activity was not checking everything off but keeping the kids entertained until we found ourselves back at the car and the adventure completed. The kids were tired at the end but they truly had a great time asked to come back!