Evening Walk in Barrett Park

by | Published on December 16, 2015 | Last updated on October 27, 2018 | Journal, Stories

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Adventure starts in your backyard, literally. Winter nights are some of the most magical moments, with fresh snow on the trees and the moon lighting your way. With the solstice upon us, plan to head out for an evening stroll.

The beauty of going on an adventure like this is how little you need to bring or plan. Dress warm (it makes that much nicer when you stop to take in all the stars), bring along a thermos of hot chocolate and your headlamp. Just a walk to the nearest park is enough. The pictures below are from Barrett Park, just outside of downtown Red Deer, earlier this week.

Planning Your Adventure

Find out more about the Waskasoo Park and the Devonian Trails in our Explore Central Alberta guide. As always, ask any questions and share your adventure in the comments below.