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Mac and Cheese


Looking for meal ideas for your next adventure? Check out some of our favourite recipes.

Campfire pizza is always a favourite.

Pizza might now be the first thing that jumps to mind when planning a camping trip but once you try it'll quickly become a tradition. It only takes a few minutes to put the dough together and the flavours from cooking on the fire will make you want an extra slice.

Lazy mornings when we're camping usually mean pancakes. Adding peaches cooked on the campfire makes it even better.

Foil packs are easy and delicious on any camping trip.

Coming back from a day of hiking quickly put together a few ingredients, wrap it up in foil and place on the fire while you enjoy a little après. Lemon rosemary is one of our kids favourite flavour combination at the moment, making this a popular meal on camping trips and at home.

We've said more than once that a key to spending more time playing in the snow is to have a few quick and delicious meals that can be put together without too much effort.

This simple recipe fits that category. It's nearly as easy as making store bought meatballs and taste so much better after a day spent outside.

This one isn't exactly healthy but so good after a day of snowshoeing in the cold...

This traditional Quebec dessert is easy to make, requires few ingredients and is perfect for a cozy evening by the fire.

As a kid I always loved when my grandmother made these for an after school snack. So when our 4 year old asked if she could learn to bake, this seemed like an obvious place to start. She has been watching cooking shows on YouTube lately and started hanging out in the kitchen when we're baking.

These are basically a giant chocolate chip cookie, just a little better suited for adventures.

The trick to spending more time outside is to have a few quick and delicious meals in the plans. That way there's no excuse after school or work but to grab a bite and head out for an evening of snowshoeing.

This simple mac & cheese fits that category. As quick and simple to make as a box of KD but with more flavours and just a handful of simple ingredients. Plus the kids love it, always a bonus!

Why make your own marshmallows? Aren't they hard to do? It's surprisingly simple, fun and they taste so much better! The real bonus is that homemade marshmallows fit way better between graham crackers for your s’mores!

Making your own marshmallows isn’t hard. It takes a few simple ingredients, a bit of patience, attention to details and a little cleanup afterward. I'll walk you through making your first batch. Once you are comfortable with the recipe all you will need is the short version at the end and you can start experimenting with more flavours.

Many recipes we've come across use corn syrup but we prefer ours with honey and cane sugar. Follow the recipe below and you will have some delicious marshmallows!

Our daughter loves everything sour and these definitely pass her test. These aren't for everyone but for the true lime lovers.

There's something about longer days and warm afternoons that just make your crave an ice pop. We're ready for summer, longing for fresh fruits and dreaming about our next adventure.

While not yet in season, raspberries freeze amazingly well and are perfect to satisfy the cravings for fresh summer fruits. Combined with yogurt and honey, you get creamy and tart ice pops that are perfect for a lazy summer afternoon or to replenish after an adventure.