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  • Outdoor Inspired Food
    Outdoor Inspired Food

Pursuit Provisions

Whether you're just looking to fuel up or making it a central part of the experience, food is part of all great adventures. From the beginning we've looked at different ways to incorporate food in what we do. Our goal is the same across everything we do: to share great experiences and to make it easier to discover new adventures.

On Tours

We're firm believers that going on adventure doesn't require eating tasteless snacks or soggy sandwiches. We bake our bagels, breads and muffins from scratch, use only our favourite ingredients to make our lunches and work with restaurants whose food we love.

Ski Bus

You'll find a selection of muffins and baked goods depending on the trip, along with apples and water bottles. At the end of the day we have Kicking Horse Coffee, hot chocolate and marshmallows waiting for you before we head home.

Hiking & Snowshoeing Tours

On full day tours we have water bottle and snacks for the road. For lunch you'll find a delicious sandwich, veggies and hummus, fruits and a desert square or s'mores.

If you're joining for Snowshoe in the City you'll get to enjoy a pint of local craft beer along with the unique flavours of chicken wings offered by the great team at the Westlake Grill.

Gourmet Lunch

Provisions To Go

Grab some hot chocolate, marshmallows and a s'mores kit to bring along on your next adventure. Order online or stop by the Red Deer Visitor Information Centre to fix your cravings.

The Carts

Our ice pop and s'mores carts are closed for the season! You'll find us at markets, events and roaming the streets of Red Deer again next summer. If you're planning a special event make sure to get in touch, the carts are available year round for catering.

Where To Find Us

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While we love to play in the rain, our carts aren't build for it... If rain is in the forecast or a thunderstorm is rolling through, we're most likely closed. Check instagram.com/pursuitprovisions to find out.

Make Your Own

Looking for meal ideas for your next adventure? Check out some of our favourite recipes.