Adventure Photos

Shots from our tours and exploring Central Alberta

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We get to play outside…

We’re pretty fortunate that our work involves going hiking, camping, snowshoeing and skiing… We love taking pictures as we explore and sharing some of our favourite spots in the area, from the Badlands to the Rockies.

If you’ve been on one of our tour before or if we’ve shared photos of your business, feel free to share those pictures. We just ask for a photo credit.

If you’re looking to use the pictures for anything else, check out the licensing page for more info.

Tour Photos

We don’t always get to take pictures while guiding a tour but we try our best. Check out some of the latest photos from our tours to see which trips are posted.

Winter Sights and Adventures

Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles

It doesn’t matter how often we get to visit the area, they’re something special about the methane bubbles frozen in the clear ice.

Frozen Canyons and Waterfalls

There’s no shortage of dramatic sights in David Thompson Country. Crescent Falls, Siffleur Falls and the Cline River Canyon all make for some great photo stops.