Partner With Us

We’re always looking for new activities and experiences to expand our tours and packages. If you share our values and passion, please reach out to us so that we can discuss potential partnership opportunities.

We are particularly interested in operators based or operating in the Nordegg and Abraham Lake region. We are also interested in working with experience providers in the surrounding regions (e.g. along the Cowboy Trail or in the Mountain National Parks) to complement our itineraries.

Our guests love to explore the area and try new adventures. They look for options that offer great value, are engaging and create memorable experiences. Some great additions to our tours could include:

  • Horseback riding tours
  • Rafting, canoe and kayak tours
  • Ice fishing
  • Cross country skiing
  • Food experiences that relate to the outdoor culture
  • Lodges, inns and unique lodging options.

We’re currently focused on growing our partnerships through the Explore Central Alberta brand. You’ll find the details here on how we can work together to grow our destination.

Interested in including our tours in your packages? Check out our wholesale options.