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The ice bubbles at Sunset on Abraham Lake

Our goal is to inspire you to play outside and help you experience your adventure so that you can discover the food, people and natural beauty of the region.

JP Fortin

JP Fortin

Owner + CEO

Apr 20, 2019

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Update – September 2020: We’ve gone further into defining what makes an experience ours, taking a look at our approach to adventure, experience development and our purpose. You can find out more here and you can see an updated version of this content here.

Our goal has always been to share our passion for the region and the outdoors. That’s why we originally started as a ski bus so that we could make it easier for people to get to the mountains. That’s why we added hiking and snowshoe tours to showcase some of our favourite places in the region, places with breathtaking landscapes while helping our guests play outside.

That’s why it made sense for us to focus on having amazing food on our tours. That’s why we started selling our ice pops and marshmallows at markets. That’s why we opened our Basecamp + Cafe.

At first glance, it can look like a random collection. Renting snowshoes and selling hot chocolate is not the most common pairing but both help us in our goal of helping you experience your adventure.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on sharing that story. Why we do what we do. What makes a tour with Pursuit Adventures unique. Here’s our take on it.

We Are Pursuit

Our goal is to inspire you to play outside and help you experience your adventure so that you can discover the food, people and natural beauty of the region.

We believe that adventure is about doing things that are new and different for each of us, doing things that can be a little scary but that also makes us curious to explore further.

Our Approach

Get lost in the moment: Fun, shared experiences combined with breathtaking landscapes and amazing people create moments that naturally immerse us, making it easy to forget about daily life.

Simple is better: Life isn’t that complicated. Celebrate the simple pleasures, the raw beauty of nature and the connections with people you meet along the way.

Embrace the unexpected: Going on an adventure off the beaten path means that things are less structured. The best moments happen when you leave the checklist behind to create your own path.

Do the right thing: Caring for the environment and each other is not a trend, it’s part of living. Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures. Collect memories, not things.

Focus on the long term: Build relationships and memories that last. Taking the time to enjoy the journey will transform you.

What We Do

We’re an independent, locally-owned tour company established in 2010 and based in Red Deer, Alberta. We craft a variety of outstanding experiences that showcase our passions.

Adventure Travel

Influenced by the outdoors and outdoor culture, we offer adventures throughout Central Alberta and beyond that showcase breathtaking places and amazing people. Whether it’s a winter sightseeing tour exploring the ice bubbles of Abraham Lake, sharing the story behind local food or spending an evening snowshoeing under the stars, we’re here to help you experience your adventure.

We offer a collection of scheduled tours as the Explorer Series, full and half-day adventures available on-demand, and custom itineraries with local partners for individuals and groups of all sizes.

Pursuit Provisions

Food is part of all great adventures. It keeps us fuelled on the trail, helps us slow down to enjoy the moment over lunch, and gives us an excuse to get together and share the memories we’ve made along the way. Pursuit Provisions features some of our favourite outdoor-inspired food like handcrafted ice pops, marshmallows, graham crackers, hot chocolate, granola, soups and more.

Basecamp + Cafe

Our basecamp in Red Deer brings together outdoor-inspired food, tour bookings and outdoor gear under one roof in a place designed to encourage exploring the region.

Explore Central Alberta

Our website for guests looking for a self-guided adventure in the region. Working with other local experts, we offer detailed trail guides and itineraries, recommendations for experiences that will appeal to our guests and meet their expectations along with an easier way to book adventures offered by the other great providers based in the region.

Crafting Outstanding Experiences

Our way of sharing some of the things we’ve learned along the way. The blog features behind the scenes stories on how we build experiences and our way to help others develop memorable experiences for our guests to enjoy when they visit the region.

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