Who We Are

Guide training in Shunda Meadows

Our goal is to inspire our guests to play outside and help them experience their adventure so that they can discover the culture, people and natural beauty of the region.

We believe that adventure is about doing things that are new and different for each of us, doing things that can be a little scary but that also makes us curious to explore further.

Our Approach

These are our guiding principles. Anything we do needs to meet these requirements to make it ours.

Get lost in the moment: Fun, shared experiences combined with breathtaking landscapes and amazing people create moments that naturally immerse us, making it easy to forget about daily life.

Simple is better: Life isn’t that complicated. Celebrate the simple pleasures, the raw beauty of nature and the connections with people you meet along the way.

Embrace the unexpected: Going on an adventure off the beaten path means that things are less structured. The best moments happen when you leave the checklist behind to create your own path.

Do the right thing: Caring for the environment and each other is not a trend, it’s part of living. Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures. Collect memories, not things.

Focus on the long term: Build relationships and memories that last. Taking the time to enjoy the journey will transform you.

What We Do

We’re an independent, locally-owned tour company established in 2010 and based in Nordegg, Alberta. We craft a variety of outstanding experiences that showcase our passion for the outdoors and our region.

We have five brands that work together to create those experiences for our guests.

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Why Crafting Outstanding Experiences?

While our other brands are focused on sharing our region with our guests, Crafting Outstanding Experiences is focused on the work that goes on behind the scenes as an adventure tourism business and in developing our destination.

At this point, it’s mostly a place for us to share information and ideas with our staff and partners. We’ve decided to share it publicly in case it can help others.

We found over the years that there wasn’t a lot of information available for people like us, building an adventure company in a lesser-known region. There are many great resources from related fields, like interpretation and the outdoor industry or on specific topics like travel marketing, but not a lot that focused on adventure development.

We also found that while most of our partners shared a similar approach to adventure development, it was very different than what we were hearing about from the tourism support industry.

Finally, as we worked on training for our guides we realized that most training opportunities were either focused on technical skills, mass tourism or closed environment like historic sites. We’ve been developing training for our guides to fill in some of those gaps, focused on taking a more holistic approach to adventures.

That’s why we’ve chosen to share some of these here in the hope that they can help others.

The Team

JP Fortin

JP Fortin

Owner + CEO

JP oversees the development of new adventures, guide training, strategic planning, marketing and destination development partnerships.

Danielle Fortin

Danielle Fortin

Owner + General Manager

Danielle oversees the day-to-day operations across all our brands, including tour logistics, guest services and the Nordegg Canteen.

About Pursuit Adventures

Curious to learn more about Pursuit Adventures and how we got here? Head over to pursuitadventures.ca to find out more.